Babiana angustifolia                      3.00
  Prettily symmetrical flowers in hues of dark blue to
  violet.Flowers Aug-Sept. (Piketberg to Somerset West)
  Flowering size bulbs...                            
  Babiana cuneifolia                        3.00
  10cm high stems with mauve flowers and white
  markings in Jul-Aug. (Bokkeveld Mts to Cold Bokkeveld)
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Babiana dregei                              3.50
  Striking large flowered species with vibrant violet
  purple flowers in late Spring. Sept-Oct
Babiana fourcadei                                              3.00
 Lanceolate hairy leaves and scented symmetrical flowers in mauve
 with violet and yellow markings in Spring..Sept-Oct.
 (Riversdale to George)
 Flowering size bulbs...
  Babiana framesii                           3.00
  Robust growing species with lanceolate, hairy leaves
  and good sized flowers of deep blue-purple with white
  markings in Aug-Sept.
  (Namaqualand to Bokkeveld Escarpment)
  Flowering size bulbs...
Babiana 'Jewel Colour Hybrids'                           2.50
 Pretty seed grown form with Spring flowers in hues of rich deep purple.
  Babiana montana                          3.00
  A dainty early Spring flowering species. Flowers of
  mauve with yellow and purple markings on 6cm stems.
  (Caledon to Bredasdorp).
  Flowering size bulbs...
Babiana odorata                                               3.50
 A very attractive easily grown species withe delicious violet scented
 flowers of creamy yellow in July to September. (Porterville to
 Flowering size bulbs...
  Babiana pygmaea                          3.50
  Small 10cm high plants with disproportionately large
  flowers of creamy yellow or white with darker purple-
  brown centres. Aug - Sept. (Hopefield to Darling)
  Babiana sambucina                       3.00
  Early Spring flowers (July- September) of mauve to
  violet with white and/or red markings and delicate
  fragrance. (Bokkeveld Mts to Port Elizabeth)
  Flowering size bulbs...
 Babiana sinuata                                                3.00
  Twisted narrow leaves and beautiful flowers of violet-blue with
  yellow markings. Aug-Sept (Namaqualand to Clanwilliam)
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Babiana species (Red)                                      3.00
  Floriferous form with purple-red flowers in late Spring.
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Babiana stricta                             3.00
  Beautiful free-flowering species with pale lilac flowers
  with contrasting white centres in August - October.
  (Piketberg to Swellendam)
  Flowering size bulbs... 
  Babiana striata                                                 3.00
  Babiana tubulosa                           4.00
  Distinct species with refined white flowers often
  delicately marked with red. Sept-Oct
  (Elands Bay to Riversdale)
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Babiana villosa                             4.00
  Lanceolate hairy leaves and stunning flowers of
  reds and deep mauve-pinks. Aug-Sept.
  (Tulbagh to Malmesbury)
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Boophane disticha                     24.50
  Stunning large rounded heads made up of numerous
  star-like glistening purple-pink flowers on long pedicels.
  A true wonder of African flora - but easily
  grown in well-drained soils in sun.
  Large Flowering size bulbs...
  Bowiea volubilis                           3.50
  The 'Zulu Potato' or 'Climbing Onion' as it is often known,
  this is a very long lived bulbous perennial ( can make a
  bulb 25cm across after 70 years ! ). New scrambling
  climbing growth appears in late Winter along with the
  trailing racemes of numerous yellow-green flowers.

BRUNSVIGIA   Amaryllidaceae
  Brunsvigia bosmaniae               15.00
 'The Candelabra Flower'  A widespread species - 
  found along the coast from the North to South in open
  flats and coastal sands. Large dense rounded
  flowerheads on short stems appear in Autumn and are 
  made up of the brightest pink flowers...with fine
  delicate linear markings. Stunning.
                             6 year old bulbs... 
  Brunsvigia gregaria                    12.50
  From the sandstone and clay flats of the South-east
  Cape and perhaps the prettiest species of all. Very
  pretty individual star-like flowers of deep pink to
  crimson in a large rounded umbel in early Autumn.
  Tidy clumps of large rounded leaves follow.
  5 year old bulbs..
Brunsvigia josephiniae                                      10.50
Widespread species from the Western Cape. Clumps of semi-erect
glaucous grey-green leaves follow the large round heads of deep pink to
red flowers in Autumn.
5 year old bulbs...
Brunsvigia litoralis                                              12.50
 Rosettes of attractive wavy-edged grey-green leaves and stunning
 vermillion-red flowers make this a species to be treasured.
 5 year old bulbs... 
Brunsvigia marginata                                         12.50
Superlative bright red flowers with exerted stamens are held in compact
heads. A fine species from well-drained rocky mountain slopes.
5 year old bulbs... 
  Brunsvigia orientalis                  12.50
   From coastal sandy flats and riverbeds this is an
  attractive Autumn-flowering species with long tubed
  flowers of deep crimson to bright red. The glossy
  leaves appear after from the very large bulbs.
  5 year old bulbs...
  Brunsvigia radulosa                  19.50
  Another refined species...from East Africa and with
  interesting prostrate spiraling leaf formations and
  large heads of good-sized rich pink to red flowers
  held on strong stems in Jan or Feb.
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Brunsvigia striata                       14.50
  (syn B. minor) From generally humus-rich soils in the
  South west Cape and Western Karoo, this has semi
  sperical heads made up of individually large flowers
  of deep pink.
  5 year old bulbs...