Crinum buphanoides                  12.50
  Beautiful large, fragrant palest pink flowers in Summer.
  6 year old bulbs... 
  Crinum delagoense                                        22.50
  Certainly one of my favourite species - with large scented pendulous
  creamy white flowers markedly striped with crimson markings.
  Large flowering size bulbs... 
Crinum firmifolium                                           14.50
Flowering size bulbs...
Crinum gramnicola                                            12.50
Deep pink flowers in Summer over quite broad leaves. Decicuous.
5 year old bulbs...
  Crinum lineare                           19.50
  Striking large hanging bell-flowers of white prominently
  striped with purple-red. Jan-Mar 
  (Port Elizabeth to Eastern Cape)
  Large flowering size bulbs...
 Crinum lugardiae                          12.50
  A beautiful Summer-flowering species...glaucous
  blue-green leaves and large cream, pink-tinged bell
  flowers attractively striped in maroon.
  5 year old bulbs...
  Crinum moorei                               6.50
  'Natal Lily'
  A fast-growing evergreen species happiest in some shade.
  With spikes of numerous pale pink cup-shaped flowers.
  Flowering size bulbs... 
 Crinum paludosum                        14.50
  A rare species that occurs in seasonally wet areas and
  flowers in mid-Summer when often submerged in water.
  White to pink trumpet-like flowers on slender stems.
  (NW Province and Namibia and Botswana)
  6 year old bulbs... 
Crinum variebile                                                6.00
Clump-forming species with recurved trumpet-like flowers of pale to deep
pink and contrasting green keels. Jan-May (Namaqualand, Bokkeveld
Escarpement and Western Karoo)
Flowering size bulbs... 
  Crossyne flava                              9.50
  Narrow, prostrate bright green leaves - often ridiculously
  hairy (red-brown bristles clothe the edge of the leaves)
  and round umbels made up of numerous small pale yellow
  flowers on pink pedicels. Mar-May (Namaqualand to
  Cederberg Mts)
  5 year old bulbs...
 Crossyne guttata                         14.50
  6 year old bulbs...
  Cybistetes longifolia                    8.50
  As per Ammocharis longifolia  
  Cyclamen africanum                                        3.50
Cyclamen cyprium                                              4.50
Cyclamen hederifolium                                        3.00
  Cyrtanthus brachyschyphus                 7.50
  Very pretty pendulous orange-red flowers in mid Summer...
   a nice form.
   Flowering size bulbs
  Cyrtanthus brevifolius                   4.50
  Lovely easily grown species...quickly forming nice
  small clumps of narrow evergreen leaves and numerous
  flowers of bright golden yellow in Autumn.
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Cyrtanthus elatus                             4.50
  Big and numerous flowers of striking bright reds  - easily
  grown and well worthwhile.
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Cyrtanthus elatus 'Pink Form'       5.50
  The equally delicious 'Pink Form'.
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Cyrtanthus falcatus                      14.50
  Very attractive flowers - hanging narrow bells of
   creamy beige with slighty darker central markings.
   Evergreen and makes large bulbs in time.
   Flowering size bulbs...
Cyrtanthus hellictus                                           6.50
 3 year old bulbs
  Cyrtanthus mackenii                       3.00
  Free flowering clump former...masses of narrow yellow
  trumpets in late Winter/early Spring.
  Flowering size bulbs...
Cyrtanthus montanus                                          8.50
Narrow blue-green foliage and very pretty red flowers in late Winter to
early Spring.
Flowering size bulbs...
  Cyrtanthus montanus x elatus      6.50
  Good sized flowers of rich red-orange...a very nice
  form. Feb-Mar
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Cyrtanthus obliquus                     7.50
  Another very worthwhile species; forming good
  sized bulbs with stout stems of lovely yellow and
  orange flowers.
  4 year old bulbs...
  Cyrtanthus smithii                       7.50
  A choice species with amazingly attractive twisted
  spirraling leaves and gorgeous flowers of creamy
  yellow with contrasting longitudinal stripes.
  3 year old bulbs...
  Cyrtanthus suaveolens                 3.50
  Lots of narrowly tubular flowers of orange-red.
  Easily grown and clump-forming.
  Flowering size bulbs...
Cyrtanthus 'Venus'                                              7.50
Very bright red flowers on this recent selection. Easily grown and clump
Flowering size bulbs...