Lachenalia algoensis                     3.50
  Very beautiful species with flowers of greenish yellow
  which fade to dull plum-red. Jul-Aug (Knysna to
  Eastern Cape)
  3 year old bulbs...
  Lachenalia aloides
                  var quadricolor               3.00
  Nodding cylindrical flowers of yellow and orange and red
  held on erect racemes over plain and spotted leaves.
  May-Oct (Lamberts Bay to Breasdorp)
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Lachenalia aureoliae                     3.50
  Lanceolate sub-erect leaves and spikes of urn-shaped
  cream or yellowish green flowers with brownish blue
  perianths. Jul-Aug (S Karoo and Montagu to
  Kammanassie Mts)
  3 year old bulbs...   
Lachenalia bulbifera (orange form)              2.50
 Easily grown floriferous species with narrow hanging bells in
 varying shades of orange held over one two lanceolate narrow
 leaves. Apr-Sept (Klawer to Mossel Bay)
 Flowering size bulbs...
Lachenalia bulbifera (red form)                          2.50
As above but with startling bright red flowers in profusion.
Flowering size bulbs....
Lachenalia elegans                                              3.00
Sessile, urn-shaped flowers in shades of blue, mauve and purple with
white tips. Jul-Oct (Bokkeveld Mts and Western Karoo to Clanwilliam)
Flowering size bulbs...
  Lachenalia elegans var flava        3.00
  The pretty compact yellow flowered variant.
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Lachenalia mutabilis                    3.00
   Pretty and desirable - narrow spikes of powdery
   blue flowers with golden yellow-brown lips.
   Jul-Sept (Namaqualand to Langebaan, Worcester
   and Riviersonderend)
   3 year old bulbs...
  Lachenalia orchioides
                      var glaucina             3.50
  Small species with loosely spherical umbels of
  creamish yellow flowers over small plain or spotted
  leaves. Aug-Oct (Gifberg to Albertinia and Little Karoo)
  3 year old bulbs...
  Lachenalia orthopetala                 3.50
  A favourite species with grassy leaves and stunning
  dense umbels of feathery white flowers with lilac-
  mauve markings. Sept-Oct (Piketberg to Durbanville)
  Flowering size bulbs... 
  Lachenalia pallida                        3.00
  Narrow bell-shaped flowers, cream to yellow with
  brown or green markings. Aug-Oct (Piketberg to
  3 year old bulbs...
Lachenalia pusilla                                                4.50
Dwarf species with sessile flowers in a congested rounded raceme held
at ground level. Scented and creamy white with exerted anthers to give
a feathery look. Choice. Apr-Jun (Bokkeveld Mts to Swellendam)
Flowering size bulbs 
Lachenalia rubida                                               2.50
Nodding flowers with waisted flowers and often densely speckled with
pink or red. Mar-Jul (Hondeklip Bay to Cape Peninsula to George)
Flowering size bulbs...
Lachenalia splendida                                           3.00
Narrowly bell-shaped pale blue and light lilac flowers with greenish brown
markings. Jul-Aug (Garies to Klawer)
3 year old bulbs...
  Lachenalia thomasiae                    3.00
  Narrow bell-like flowers with purple-brown markings
  and exerted stamens in upright racemes. Sept-Oct
  (Clanwilliam district)
  3 year old bulbs... 
  Lachenalia viridiflora                     3.00
  Distinctly different...urn-shaped flowers in turquoise
  green held in dense umbels over plain or spotted leaves
  May-Jul (St Helens Bay)
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Ledebouria cooperi                      4.00                
  Unusual and pretty dwarf species.Narrow leathery
  striped leaves and round heads of pretty mauve
  pink flowers in Spring.
  Flowering size bulbs...
Ledebouria floribunda                                         3.00
Found in seasonally damp seeps with glossy leaves blotched purple and
and greenish pink flowers held in an erect inflorescence.
  Ledebouria ovatifolia                                          8.00
Compact low-growing species with speckled prostrate leaves and broad
racemes of greenish mauve flowers with reflexed tips to the petals.
Prettyand readily grown. Sept-Oct (Port Elizabeth to tropical Africa)
Flowering size bulbs...


  Ledebouria socialis                      3.00
   Loose upright umbels of pretty creamy white flowers
   tinged greem. Attractively spotted evergreen foliage.
   Flowering size bulbs...
Ledebouria zebrina                                            8.50
'Giant Ledebouria'  Fleshy broad pointed leaves with purple stripes
appear in late Spring and are soon followed by the large showy
greenish flowers. Oct-Jan
Large flowering size bulbs...