Narcissus albidus
                     var zaianicus             3.00
  Narcissus albidus x genuinus           4.00
  Narcissus assoanus                         3.00   
  Narcissus asturiensis                     4.50
  Narcissus x atlanticus                       5.50     
  Narcissus bulbocodium                     2.50
  Narcissus bulbocodium
                        ssp filifolius              3.00
  Narcissus bulbocodium
                         var mairei             3.50
  Narcissus cantabricus
                       ssp cantabricus          3.00
  Narcissus cantabricus 
                       ssp eualbidius           4.50
  Narcissus cantabricus
                      ssp petunioides           7.50
  Narcissus cupullaris                       2.50
  Narcissu henriquesii                      3.00
  Narcissus jaquemondii                    4.50
  Narcissus jonquilla var minor           3.00
  Narcissus 'Julia Jane'                        3.50
Narcissus minor                                                  3.00
  Narcissus romieuxii                       3.00
  Narcissus x rupicola                       4.00
  Narcissus scaberulus                        5.50
  Narcissus 'Solveigs Song'                 4.50
  Narcissus tenuiflorus                        3.50
  Nerine angulata                            4.00
   Semi-deciduous species (can stay evergreen in wet
  seasons) with beautiful large sugar-pink flowers with
  typical long exerted stamens.
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Nerine appendiculata                  5.50
   60 or 70cm tall with channelled deep green leaves
  and large flowers of pale to deep pink with a darker
  mid vein and stamens with prominent white
  appendages. Jan-Mar
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Nerine duparquetiana                  12.50
   Similar to (and indeed regarded as a sub-species of..)
   N.laticoma this is a winter-dormant species with semi-
   spherical heads of large white to rose flowers. Jan-Mar
   5 year old bulbs...
  Nerine filifolia                                3.50
  Evergreen species with distinctly grassy leaves and
  massed heads of white to pink flowers.
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Nerine gaberonensis                                  14.50
  Pretty species with spidery flowers of palest pink.
  5 year old bulbs...
  Nerine gibsonii                                      14.50
  A rare species with stunning pale silvery pink flowers in
  condensed rounded heads. Jan-Mar
  5 year old bulbs...
Nerine gracilis                                                    6.50
 A very pretty dwarf species with threadlike leaves and very beautiful
 rose-pink flowers in Jan-Mar
 Flowering size bulbs...

  Nerine humilis                               3.50
  Deep pink undulate flowers appear after the narrow
  glossy green leaves have withered and died away.
  Apr-Jun (Clanwilliam to Worcester and Bredasdorp and
  Montagu to Baviaanskloof Mts)
                       Flowering size bulbs
  Nerine huttoniae                          14.50
  A rare species with stunning hemi-spherical heads of
  large rose-pink flowers. Jan-Mar
  Flowering size bulbs...
Nerine krigii                                                                           5.50
Attractive narrow spiralling leaves and beautiful heads of silvery
sugar-pink flowers. Dec-Jan
Flowering size bulbs...


  Nerine laticoma                             12.50
  A 'must have' species with big rounded heads of pink
  purple flowers over narrow dark glossy green leaves.
  White forms are also known. Jan-Mar
  Flowering size bulbs
  Nerine masononorium                   4.50
  A rare species with numerous small silver-pink
  flowers in dense rounded heads.
  Flowering size bulbs... 
  Nerine 'Mollie Cowley'                                    9.50
  A selected form with large flowers of irridescent silver-pink.
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Nerine pudica                                              4.50       
  Narrow strap-like leaves beneath large horizontally held flowers
  of palest pink. Very pretty and reliable. Mar-May (Du Toits
  Kloof Mts to Caledon)
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Nerine sarniensis                           5.50
  Stunning rich bright red flowers on sturdy upright
  20cm stems appear after the broad glossy green
  leaves have died away. Mar-May (Citrusdal to Caledon)
  Flowering size bulbs...
  Nerine 'Serendipity'                     9.50
  Beautiful hybrid form; with smokey pink flowers and
  contrasting purple anthers.
  Flowering size bulbs... 
  Nerine undulata                            3.00
  A very pretty and easily grown evergreen species
  with delicate undulate pink-purple flowers in mid
  Summer. Jan-Mar
  Flowering size bulbs....
  Nerine 'Zeal Giant'                            15.00
  An impressive named form with big big flowers of the brightest
  pink in huge rounded heads.
  Flowering size bulbs...